Choupette, the cat of Karl Lagerfeld, has released her ‘own’ clothing line

It’s already a month ago today that Karl Lagerfeld died. Everyone is still mourning, but especially Choupette, the cat of Karl Lagerfeld, misses her father. To honour her beloved daddy, Choupette just released her “own” clothing line called #RIPDaddy via Instagram. 


The special clothing line is dedicated to Lagerfeld and in particular reflects the special bond that he had with his cat, according to Instagram. Choupettes collection will consist of hoodies, T-shirts, cups and phone cases. All products will have the image of a grieving Choupette, says Ashley Tschudin, who manages Choupette’s Instagram account.

Helen Woodward Animal Center

A portion of the proceeds from this limited edition collection will be donated to the Helen Woodward Animal Center. “I chose this private non-profit organization because of their 40-year commitment to people helping animals and animals helping people. Located on 12 acres in Rancho Santa Fe, California, their nationally recognized Center provides a variety of services that benefit the community through educational and therapeutic programs for people, and humane care and adoption for animals”, thus Ashley Tschudin.

It’s Choupette’s biggest wish that all of Daddy’s friends, family, followers, and fashion-folk show their support by wearing and socially sharing the #RIPDaddy collection.

You can shop the clothing line here.

Choupette's Diary
Choupette's Diary
Choupette's Diary
Choupette's Diary
Choupette's Diary

Bye lovers, or how Choupette would say it: Bye Dahhhlings!

Want to cash out your own closet?